A Problem Called Midshore

A Problem Called Midshore
Saturdays, 12:00 onwards S2.84


Dawn's Early Light (Custom System)

In this world of extraordinary power, in the slowly recovering Republic of America, the metropolis of Portland has disappeared from the landscape, and an anomaly has appeared from nowhere: The City of Midshore. You will be a trained guild member under contract or oath, sent by one of the many interested (concerned) factions in this world. You will be tasked with getting into Midshore, investigating and if possible getting to know the people living there. It's up to you and the faction you are related to whether you do this covertly or overtly, and what you do to stay alive is also very much up to you.

This game is at the cutting edge of development, with the system being in development for 3 years. This game has been running for 2 years and involves such fantastical elements as Arthurian myth, advanced genetic (and cybernetic) manipulation, the familial politics of Eldritch Horrors, and much much more.
The lore of this world is deep and rich; if you are interested in the game, the system or the world itself, then I welcome you to message me on this website or
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thomas.coombs.948
Discord: Sherry#6575

If you do want to join this game, the first session will be on the 5th of October and ideally, your character will be created before then message me to schedule a time for this.

Run by: Thomas ( shaofu )

Players: 3/3