Eberron campaign

Eberron campaign
16:00 09/10/19 H5.22

After some expressed interest in the setting on Saturday, I will be running a campaign set in Eberron and plan to run a session zero to work out what sort of campaign and I'd like to get some of the players' input to help tailor it. I have two potentially in mind. However, I can establish somethings already, about how I plan to run it. I want to give the players a bit of a sandbox experience, allowing their decisions to be of consequence and giving players considerable agency to effect how the session and greater story may play out - taking some influence from immersive sims such as Deus Ex or Dishonoured there. You won't be the only actor in the world but you will become a major influence. Out of the three pillars, I lean slightly towards role-play however try and maintain a good balance of exploration and combat to go along with it. Given that Eberron does have some

In terms of the two campaign ideas I mentioned on the day:

The first one would take place not long after the one-shot, in the Kingdom of Breland, a nation largely known for is relative liberty and freedom when compared to the other kingdoms of the continent. It will focus on a crisis which I won't spoil but ultimately this would be the more sandbox orientated of the two campaigns, with your characters goals, and ideas being the driving force of the campaign while events around you. It also offers a decent opportunity as well for a party of differing backgrounds and the like due to the position of Breland making it a good place for many to converge. Further details such as where in the country you will start, how the party all met can be discussed at the season zero on Wednesday so we can have a fairly cohesive group. Your enemies will be diverse and varied overall, ranging from brave soldiers to cruel bandits and unsightly monsters.

The other idea would see you in the Kingdom of Karrnath, where you are officers of the Ministry of War, specifically tasked with dealing with sensitive matters of an arcane nature, as a part of a flexible Battalion to help police the militarised Kingdom. This campaign would be while less sandboxy than the first campaign due to its smaller scale would be rather character orientated as you travel the ravished lands of Karrnath and beyond and are eventually faced with a mystery which would form the basis of the campaign and drive its main events. And given that Karrnath is a land of quite a few mysteries you will have plenty of work to do. Explanations about the setting and potential party ideas will be discussed at the season zero if you would like to run with that.

Overall I hope that this may appeal and that if you have any suggestions, curiosities or need any resources please do contact me either via messager (Jack Lazell), my email Jack.Lazell@warwick or on the Warwick tabletop discord where I currently go by the nick [Death Noises].

Run by: Titian

Players: 8/8