Adventures in Middle Earth (Looking for Interest)

Adventures in Middle Earth (Looking for Interest)


Adventures in Middle Earth, D&D 5e

Hi there,

I am looking to start running some games this term, looking particularly at Adventures in Middle Earth, whether a campaign or series of oneshots.
I ran sessions back last year and those who took part in them will remember how great they were. Scoping out the system over multiple weeks I am convinced by it as a great alternative to normal 5e. It manages to capture that LoTR feel perfectly and the games always felt (at least for me) natural and complete.

So, I am looking to gather a bit of information, how many people would be interested in actually taking part, whether long term or on a one off adventure. The game works perfectly to have players drop in and out between adventures and so gives the Loremaster (DM) quite a bit of lee-way to fit in as many that are interested in playing, into a game, as possible!

If you are interested in playing, trying out, if Dungeons and Dragons in a lord of the rings setting sounds like your cup of tea please let me know!
The first thoughts into running this game/these games is fairly recent so for starting them it's likely to be a couple of weeks so plenty of time to quantify those interested!

Hope you are all enjoying your first term and campaigns and look forward to possibly playing a game with you in the future!

Ran by: Sol ( minijester1 )

Players: 25/30