The Shores of Bywick

The Shores of Bywick
Saturdays - 12:00 Onwards S1.141


I'll be running a campaign for Pathfinder 1E, staring from Level 1. It'll be my first time running a campaign, though I have a solid amount of one-shot DMing and playing through a long-term campaign. I'm very happy to have newcomer players or people who've had some interest in Pathfinder but haven't had a chance to play it before, as I'll be starting from a lower-level nonetheless.

The overall setting is the world of Eidolon, a swathing continental world with sweeping oceans, grand forests, strange dark magic-torn lands, exotic islands and gods know what else! From strange fae forests, to undead catacombs and drunken pirate free-isles, there will be countless styles of enemies to face and a wide range of areas and interactions.

You will be beginning in the large town of Bywick, a capital town of the Free Coast, as adventurers/mercenaries/soldiers-for-hire. Kobolds have recently started becoming all too bold, and striking out from their underground caves at travellers and merchants around the town.

We have actually started the campaign, but are not too far into the story for it not to be easy to pick up!

I hope to see anyone interested!

Ran by: Christopher ( Cerenarian )

Players: 5/5