D&D 5e Campaign

D&D 5e Campaign
1-4:30 Saturdays MB0.08


D&D 5e

I thought I was happy not running a long-term campaign this year but no, I caught the itch again.

This would be a High-Ish level (starting at at least 5, using XP levelling) (thats high for me, I've never DMed above 4 before), high magic, fairly combat-heavy game. I love running complex and tactical combats so if that's not your thing then maybe this game isn't for you. That being said, I'm also more than happy with roleplay, I don't want to sound like I'm anti-story, quite the opposite.

Ideally, I'd DM for a group of 4, maybe 5, weekly on Thursdays around 11-4 at the longest, in a room on campus. Also, although I am more than happy to teach new players how to play, I would love for experienced players (by experienced I mean: can build and play a level 5 PC without assistance)

I don't know what campaign I would run, most likely something homebrewed based on the party we end up with. We'd make characters in a session zero.

Ran by: Wilkie ( wilkieds )

Players: 4/4