The Eternal Isles

The Eternal Isles
Saturdays or Fridays, depending on availability

I originally wasn’t really planning on GMing this year, but I’ve decided that I need more reasons to not study. I know it’s a bit late to start a longterm game, but it you are like me it should make for an excellent excuse to not do work, which is what we’re at uni for after all.

The Eternal Isles is a dnd 5e campaign set in a homebrew world comprised of 13 islands as old as time itself. The current empire and its not so glittering cities are built on the ruins of their predecessors; all except the white tower of the mages that is, which still shines from the center of Anor (the island in the middle of the world) as it has done since the dawn of time.

From time to time great storms leave remnants of ancient civilizations on the white beaches of Nakvo, or lying amongst wrecked ships on the rocky shores of Tryne. With these remnants of ancient lore come rumors of strange beasts and magical disturbances from the outer isles. In the inner isles pirates are becoming more daring, and the rising cost of goods along with the military's continued failures fueling unrest amongst many of the empire’s poorer citizens.

I plan to run a realistic game (if that is possible in a world where dragons and magic are real). Players will have full choice over what path their characters take; be it working to save the world, bring about its destruction, or swindling grandmas out of their pensions. However, players will also have to live with their choices (so if you swindle that grandma be prepared to face her untamed fury). The campaign should have a pretty even split of roleplaying, combat, and exploration, with more roleplaying or combat possible if the players so desire.

If you are interested feel free to message me on discord (#1704 chilifiend), or facebook (Joey Brundan)

Ran by: Joey ( chilifiend )

Players: 5/5