On The Run

On The Run
one weekday evening per week If there is interest, I will request a room from the society.

On The Run is planned to be a D&D campaign taking place within the Greyhawk setting. The players will start the game as novice adventurers from Ogard, leading a band of refugees away from the wrath of the orcish host which the ambitious Pomarji chief Turosh Mak drove upon their lands. What will become of the party and their frightened protégés will depend upon the players' capacity for clever improvisation. This is meant to be a story-heavy campaign, best suited to players who enjoy role-playing, investigating and fighting dirty.

I have been consistently DMing for over four years and do not plan to stop any time soon, but my PhD places an upper bound on the number of hours that I have available each week for my storytelling. Thus, sessions will be kept to a mean duration of 3-3.5 hours of pure play time. Players who have similar time restraints may find this nice.

In any case, I will be very happy to meet other rpg-loving people and have some good, clean fun with them, so don't hesitate to come and check my campaign :)

Ran by: George ( zpentomino )

Players: 5/5