Star Wars: Force and Destiny

Star Wars: Force and Destiny
Monday 6pm - 10pm H1.02 (week 6) H0.05 (otherwise)


Star Wars: Force and Destiny (and Edge of the Empire)

“It is a dark time for the galaxy. Though the brave heroes of the rebel alliance fight against the tyranny of the galactic empire, countless systems still tremble under the emperor’s iron fist. However, with the death star destroyed a spark of hope has been ignited in those oppressed.
The JEDI, guardians of peace and justice, are gone, and those that remain are hunted by the ruthless INQUISITORS. The stories of the Jedi are passing to legend as the empire spread deceit and propaganda.
With the force guiding them, a small group of adventures hope to uncover the secrets of the Jedi in the far reaches of the galaxy. The head now to an archive on Eriadu where new mystic artifacts have been discovered…”

Force and Destiny is an excellent narrative RPG with many parallels and improvements to the classic D&D we know and love. What’s more, it’s a system based entirely in the beloved universe of STAR WARS. Take on the role of a force sensitive who fights (or joins) the imperial forces between the events of episode IV and V. The system also has its own unique dice, which admittedly is difficult to wrap your head around at first, but once you do, it allows for loads of unique and interesting situations to crop up.

Perhaps I should sell myself as a DM… yeah maybe. Hi, I’m Anakin, your assistant RPGs rep. Yes, this is a Star Wars game run by the chosen one. It’s also run by a huge Star Wars fan. I’m no Matt Mercer of storytelling, and I’m not a computer of remembering rules, but I have several years of GMing experience and am always ready to go all out on my voices and roleplaying. If you’re a new player to this system and RPGs, don’t worry! I’m fully prepped to helping you learn everything from character creation to playing your character.

You may be wondering how I’m going to be running this looks at player cap. Well, my idea is that 5 of you will be the lucky core adventurers. You’ll be spear heading the party, travelling from planet to planet exploring the galaxy and developing and upgrading your character. Then every week, other players will have a chance to join is as an ally or an enemy.

This means that if you’re simply looking for a game you can drop in and out of or can’t commit to a full-time game? BAM! This is your chance for fun. You’ll be able to join as if it were a one-shot. Each week I’ll take on up to 2 players beyond the usual 5. Sometimes you’ll even be able to join for a few consecutive sessions if it suits both the story and your timetable.

Or maybe you want some GMing skills but aren’t confident enough to commit to a campaign yet? BAM! Sometime during the campaign I’ll hope to get some people involved in playing critical characters like Sith Inquisitors. You’ll be able to affect the choices these characters make and have a small role in helping me plan for sessions.

Once you’ve signed up for this game, keep an eye on your notifications on the website. I’ll send you a discord link where I’ll organise things. Don’t have discord? While I highly recommend using it, not only because it makes my life easier, I can accommodate for things via Facebook messenger.

I’m looking forward to playing with you, and may the force be with you.

Ran by: Anakin ( Anakin )

Players: 12/15