T1 W10 Draft - Conspiracy: Take the Crown Flashback

T1 W10 Draft - Conspiracy: Take the Crown Flashback
Tuesday 3rd December, 6-10pm B2.02

Happy Christmas!! To end Term 1 on a bit of fun, we'll be drafting Conspiracy: Take the Crown!

Buy in: £12 (no pack prizes, but I might provide chocolate or something as this is a bit of fun)

Clearly the crown is up for grabs. Will you claim it?
No more jokes. No more intrigue. For real this time.
The throne no longer sits empty, but deception, danger, and even death await around every corner.
So... How will you plot your way to the throne?

We won't have a formal tournament structure for this (unless we get 8 players exactly), and I'll work something out depending on how many people sign up to play. I recommend reading up a tad on the format before coming along, but I'll clarify all the weird rules before we start drafting.

Ran by: Ares ( morrowkei )

Players: 12/12