Quite the Fancy Feast!

Quite the Fancy Feast!
12:00-18:00 Saturday 7th Social Sciences Cafe (We'll move to the room once met)

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Call of Cthulthu 7th Edition

Welcome to Porterhouse College! These draughty halls and creaking floors usually give way to exhausted students, but now it's time for the only enjoyable part of the year: the Christmas Gaudy!
The Christmas Gaudy is an opportunity for alumni to come back to their old stopping grounds and have fun, with a week of special (and often bizzare) lectures leading up to one of the most lavish dinners you have ever laid eyes on.
So what if the mumified bodies of the former Masters of the College also attend? It's not like they're up and walking about! Until, one day, they seem to have gone on a walk about.
It's time to try and figure out the mystery of the missing mummies, and hope that's all thats hiding in the closets of Porterhouse College...

Ran by: Niamh/Naomhán ( ArdRíCáel )

Players: 5/5