Invasion at the Observatory

Invasion at the Observatory
12:00-18:00, 7/12/19 WA1.10

rpgd&d 5e

D&D 5E

When mages are kicked out of their various institutions for practising dangerous magic, they come to the Observatory. Here they can experiment on the forefront of magical technology to further our growth, while keeping the general public safe from their 'mistakes'. As the Meltdown Crew, it is your job to clean up when experiments go wrong.

One day in winter, the alarm is raised from the portal labs. Most likely, they've just summoned a dangerous elemental by mistake again.

This is a 12th level one-shot. We already have 4 players, so we're looking for one more to round out the party. All WotC source books are open for character creation. If you want to use homebrew or UA, please DM me on Discord (soupsmith#6690, I'm in the Warwick tabletop server).

A lot of the monsters in this one-shot are immune to psychic damage. If you want to play a Bard, you may take Frostbite instead of Vicious Mockery.

Ran by: Callum ( soupsmith )

Players: 1/1