Tales of secret things.

Tales of secret things.

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Shadow of the Demon Lord

I am looking to run a campaign largely derived and focused on a problem solving orientated approach to RPGs

I’ll be running a campaign set in the world of Shadow of the Demon Lord, a system best described as a relatively rules light but surprisingly deep and mechanically solid system drawing upon many of the best elements of 5e-3.5e as well as Warhammer Fantasy 2E with further additions onto it. The system leaves plenty of room for creativity and customization with regards to unique characters.

The game is set in a time of great crisis as the Empire of Caecras which has long ruled faces a rebellion of its orc slaves, plunging the continent into chaos. All the while secret societies, old conspiracies and immortals start, continue and restart old games which have haunted the land for aeons. Beneath this all, people try to survive and carry on with their lives as monsters lurk closer than one might expect. The setting has more than a little Warhammer influence, with elements of gothic and cosmic horror set alongside dark fantasy.

I am looking for a group to run a medium length campaign of about 15 “adventures” over the course of this term and the next and maybe into next year depending on schedules and the like. I will be running a session zero on Friday [insert date], at the same time more or less the sessions will happen and in the same place. Ideally, players would be able to consistently make this time. I’m happy to talk about the setting and mechanics on Discord.

This post is largely to gauge interest in such a campaign. If you are interested, contact me on Discord via Tits#0979

Run by: Titian

Players: 1/6