Intro To RPGs Online Edition!

Intro To RPGs Online Edition!
Midday, 3rd Oct Various Online Locations



Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is perhaps the most popular Tabletop Roleplaying Game (RPG) of all time. If you have ever been interested in trying out RPGs, including D&D, this is your chance! Tabletop RPGs are something of a precursor to modern-day videogames, where a group of friends gather around a table to experience and interact with a thrilling story devised by a Dungeon Master (DM). The DM for the group will guide the players through a story they themselves created, whilst facilitating any interactions they wish to make with the world within the story.
This session is a "one-shot" - in other words, a one off, self-contained story is told in each game. Our typical sessions are "campaigns" - where the story continues over many sessions/weeks over the year. As such, this is by far the best chance to try an RPG without an extended commitment. All you need is a good imagination - newcomers are very welcome! Your DM will be able to guide you through how to play.

Various games will be running so there will be something for everyone. Genres played in the past year include fantasy, Star Wars, cyberpunk, Weird West (wild west, with demons and magic), superheroes and much more besides. You must sign up for the main event on our website, which will then allow you to sign up for individual games as they become available closer to the time! If you do not sign up online, we cannot guarantee you a game on the day!

All games will be taking place online!

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Ran by: Sol ( minijester1 )

Players: 79/100