[Intro to RPGs] Blizzard Bound

[Intro to RPGs] Blizzard Bound
October 3rd, Midday Online (Roll20/Discord)

Blizzard Bound
Travelling south across the Greyspire Mountains you are driven to find refuge by an intense snowstorm. The only haven from the biting cold is the Monastery of the Twice-Martyred. Inside the walls you find hospitable monks, fellow adventurers, weary merchants and an ominous feeling.

This is the well known Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition system. Easy to learn for newcomers and fun to play.
Characters will be level 1 and official content. Characters can be provided.
The session will be run over Discord voice-chat and Roll20.
Players will be invited to join a Discord server closer to the date.

Run by: Joshua ( Jatsmith )

Players: 1/5