Tyranny of Dragons Character creation session

Tyranny of Dragons Character creation session
17/10/2020 10:00am Discord

The Cult of the Dragon is making its move. Tiamat will return.

This will be a beginner-friendly campaign in D&D 5e, that I will be running for a year or so (hopefully). The campaign is my own edited version of Wizards of the Coast's Tyranny of Dragons campaign (originally made up of Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat). My version is a little different, I've replaced Hoard of the Dragon Queen with another published book, Dragon of Icespire Peak, then tied it into Rise of Tiamat. I am even prepared to continue after that with my own original epilogue-campaign, should people wish, but that's a looooooong way ahead.

For now, I am offering a character creation session for those new to D&D or RPGs in general. Even if you are experienced, please come along so that we can discuss your character; I like to make the campaign tie into the players' backstories.

Ran by: Santi ( santilopez024 )

Players: 4/4