One-Shot; Whaler's Song

One-Shot; Whaler's Song
Wednesday or Friday Night(s) Discord (Link coming soon)


D&D 5e Online

"Welcome to Cloudsea - a world of endless skies and hundreds of islands on which the last vestiges of the old world cling, held aloft above a unending, raging Storm. In this world of Magic and Metal, your characters have been hired by the Traskian Whaling Company to take part in a whaling mission. These jobs are notorious for their danger - and their lucrative payouts. So, grab your harpoons and nets; it's Whaling season."

Whaler's Song will be a One/Two-Shot run in my heavily homebrewed Arcanepunk/Magipunk world of Cloudsea. All are welcome to come play, though this isn't a beginner's session - some experience will be expected. Basically, you don't need to know every rule off by heart (Believe me, I don't either, so it's quite alright lol), but being able to stand and play on your own two feet would be lovely! Character creation will be discussed further when we've got players, including more detailed information on the World of Cloudsea when required.

We'll be playing over Discord for voice chat (Server invite incoming), and we'll be using Google Slides for Maps and other images. A bit unorthodox, I understand, but I can confirm it works remarkably well for this purpose :D. As for when we'll be playing, it will either be on a Wednesday or a Friday evening, depending on what works best for y'all, and I aim to play within the next 1-2 weeks, depending on how long it takes to get players settled and character creation complete.

Ran by: Isabelle (Izzy!) ( izzymandias )

Players: 4/4