MTG Boxing League

MTG Boxing League
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Magic the Gathering

Hey Everyone!
Commander Legends is out and we're celebrating the release with a Sealed Boxing League!
The way it works is the following:
Each person will acquire and open a sealed box of commander legends (24 packs of product) and use exclusively the cards from those packs to construct a commander deck, (abiding by normal commander rules and regulations). Then a series of games will be played against other people in the league. After 2 weeks each player is allowed to buy a set of 6 packs of a former/currrent standard legal draft boosters and add them to their sealed pool before carrying out further games. This will repeat for 4 cycles, until 24 packs from differing sets from standards history have been added (get creative! find weird and old packs, or just use whatever you have lying around). There is no obligation to add packs however, and if you just want to use the same deck for the whole league then you're more than welcome to do so.

The aim of this is combine the feelings of limited magic with commander game play, whilst allowing people to play at a power level normally seen in sealed, using cards that can be charitably described as 'jank'. So if you're interested in commander or sealed or just playing magic, come along and try this new format!
If there are any questions feel free to contact me :)

Ran by: Raghav ( Ragi )

Players: 7/12