Netrunner Original Okay Draft (LEt'S go) [aka NOODLES]

Netrunner Original Okay Draft (LEt'S go) [aka NOODLES]
4-7pm Thursday 10th for drafting, games afterwards Table 3 Chat, lol

We're doing a Netrunner draft! We'll be having the drafting phase at 4-7pm Thursday 10th, and then games after that whenever you feel like it. I can track wins if people care, but to be honest we'll probably just use Meme Scoring™. (Do I know what Meme Scoring is? Nope.)

I don't know whether the drafting phase will take the full time, but that's okay we're all friends here. You'll then have some time to build decks and then play games! This is extremely informal, as you can tell by the fact that I'm organising it this late.

Netrunner draft works as follows:

  • You draft 40 cards for each side. If you don't know what a draft is, look it up, it'll do a much better job of explaining than I will. The draft is going to be held on Meteor, which requires you to create an account - you can sign in with Google if that's easier though.
  • You get a pack of starter cards! I'll go through them at the beginning of the draft. Be warned, they are terrible.
  • You build decks using the amazing draft IDs of The Shadow and The Masque. These are neutral IDs with thirty card limits, infinite influence and can run any agenda.
  • We then play on Jinteki!

Here are the cubes we'll be using:

If after all that you're interested, and have built Netrunner decks before, come join! It'll be a laff.

Ran by: Finnbar ( finnbar )

Players: 9/69