[Intro to RPGs 2] Unravelling Times

[Intro to RPGs 2] Unravelling Times
12:00 - 18:00 Saturday 16th 2021 The Internet!



All of you have been part of the guild for various small adventures for the better part of a year, and this new adventure isn't anything out of the ordinary; travel to a bandit camp, intimidate or otherwise break them up, return, with evidence, to get the reward.
However, before you can even begin this latest quest, something strange catches all of your attention...

This game is designed for somewhat experienced players, or new players, as the characters are level 6; it's fine if this is your first or second time, I'll do my best to introduce you to the basics! Pregenerated characters are available on request, but this is also a good opportunity to try out a character build that you haven't been able to before! Message me on Discord if there is something you want to ask

We will be using FoundryVTT, which I will provide the details for when you message me. You will need a character on this instance of Foundry. We will be using Discord voice chat for the session. When you join the event, please contact me as soon as they can on Discord, as the website's notifications sometimes take a while to come through.

I have run this once before and it took around 4 hours to not quite finish it; so I intend to give this a 6 hour time slot, and hopefully, that should be in excess of what we need. If needed, I can stretch the number of players supported, but not by much.

The rules for creating your own character are as follows:
Any officially published material is allowed, with the exception of the Aarakocra, Yuan-Ti Pureblood, Centaur, and Satyr races.
If you want to use Unearthed Arcana or homebrew material, please run it past me first.
For generating ability scores, use the point buy system on page 13 of the Players Handbook.
For starting equipment, use the options presented for your class in the Players Handbook.
You may have one uncommon and one common item in any officially published materials.
If you have any further questions, let me know ASAP! You don't need to be in the event to ask questions, but it'll give you priority!

Ran by: Benjamin ( Benji )

Players: 5/6