[Intro to RPGs 2] The Work in Progress

[Intro to RPGs 2] The Work in Progress
Saturday 16th January, 2pm-6/7pm Discord, Roll20

Homebrew, characters at level 5. For new and experienced players on Discord and Roll20.
A party of skirmishing adventurers, well rested after a successful raid against a Rainforce outpost, are welcomed back to the town of Charlogh with thunderous applause as they walk triumphantly through the central road. Suddenly, and to the utter bewilderment of everyone in the crowds, the group vanishes into thin air with a burst of mist.
As the party slowly regains their senses they realise that they are in the centre of a large, damp stone room with an arena carved in the centre, apparently deep underground. There are several skeletons moving boxes and weapons around the place as a dwarf in dark fabric clothing berates a half-orc

"Corvus I TOLD YOU I wasn't ready yet! I haven't had time to prepare an evil speech or don my ROBES OF UNADULTERATED DOOM!", "Sorry mouy leige, I woz jus' messin' with the controls to that Rainforce po'tal and I musta hit somethin' by accident." they notice the party
"Ah, adventurers, welcome. We find ourselves in a predicament here, ehee." he glares daggers at Corvus "WELCOME TO MY DUNGEON OF DEATH AND BRUTALITY AND OTHER NASTY THINGS (name not finalised)." he sighs "We're not ready yet..."

In a time of warring settlements one sorcerer attempts to build an underground dungeon to lure in adventurers from the Auburn faction and eliminate them with his 'wit and tenacity' (tm), in addition to a load of booby traps and undead minions.


Play as a group of 5 adventurers teleported to the bottom of a vast but incomplete dungeon and fight your way out.

Ran by: Oliver ( EndeDoge5 )

Players: 5/5