Midday, Saturday 16th January Roll20 and Discord

Earth is a desolate wasteland. The few people left struggle for survival in a world drained of life. Martian colonies have taken everything left, leaving only scraps for those that still try to live on this planet. Only one source of entertainment remains - Gaslands, a no-holds barred, high-stakes show of death races. A chance for humans to get off this planet, for if they win, they get a one-way fully paid ticket out of this hellscape and into the haven that is Mars. There's just one snag - you're a group of raccoons.

In Crash Pandas 2: Crashlands Reloaded, you'll all be playing a group of raccoons who are simultaneously driving the same vehicle. Your aim is simple: win Gaslands and get off this planet. However, Gaslands isn't a high-stakes show for no reason - you'll have to battle the most ruthless competitors, deal with hazard after hazard, and deal with the half-time performers. Can you and your friends win the show? Or will you be ground into the dust by your opponents?

This one-shot assumes no knowledge of Crash Pandas (although please take a look at the rules here for free - it's a one page RPG so there's only one page) or the Gaslands universe (which is good because I skimmed the rulebook of the Gaslands wargame and that's it). It's going to be very silly. I ran this system for Term 1 2019 Intro RPGs and it was a huge success (with only minor nightmares about defibrillator-related accidents), so in a first for me I'm actually running a system again. Madness.

We'll be playing on roll20 (by some magic means that I'll have to work out) with voice chat on the society Discord. If you have any questions, contact me there! There are eight slots - I do not need all of them to be filled, but would like at least four people so that sufficient chaos is introduced by having that many raccoons drive a vehicle.

EDIT Here is a character sheet for your panda-ing.

Ran by: Finnbar ( finnbar )

Players: 6/8