Big RPGs: The Great Knucklehead Rally!

Big RPGs: The Great Knucklehead Rally!
Saturday 10th April MIDDAY Big RPGs Discord


D&D 5e (Epic)

Take a break from the Everlasting Rime and attend the greatest event the cold north has to offer: The Great Knucklehead Rally! Compete in various events and enjoy the merriment of this grand festival! Though be prepared, for who knows what the celebrations may draw out from the cold darkness of Icewind Dale...?

An Epic D&D experience has many tables of players, each with their own DM, all taking part in the same overarching adventure to achieve a common goal. While this is often done in person (as our previous Epic D&D was), due to the ongoing pandemic this particular adventure will take place entirely contained within Discord (new server TBA) and the DMs choice of D&D platform (e.g. Roll20).

For this three(ish)-hour epic adventure, you will play as a 2nd level character of your own creation in a party of four adventurers, all experiencing the festivities of The Great Knucklehead Rally first hand!


If you have any questions regarding the event feel free to direct them towards Sol or Oli, our current RPG reps!

Ran by: Timothy ( Lawful_Tim ) , Ryan ( ryan_m ) , Benjamin ( Benji ) , Ares ( morrowkei ) , Anna ( Anna ) , Sol ( minijester1 ) , Anakin ( Anakin ) , Oliver ( EndeDoge5 ) , Nathan ( Chilloutnitro ) , MegaCrow and Lap ( TheRealLap )

Players: 27/99

This event requires your account to have a Discord username.