A Gateway Into Netrunner

A Gateway Into Netrunner
Saturday 17th April, 1-5pm Discord and jinteki.net

New Angeles is home to a plethora of citizens. Many live relatively quiet lives, surviving day to day under the ever watchful eye of a swathe of mega corporations. However, some, through a variety of circumstances, chose to rise up, and use their superior knowledge of the ominpresent technology to strike back at these shadowy opressors. While there are plenty of old hats in the business, everyone starts somewhere, and there will always be room for new blood in the roster. So, will you jack in?

Android: Netrunner is an asymmetric collectible card game for 2 players. One player plays the corporation, who seeks to protect and advance their nefarious agendas, while the other player plays the runner, who looks to hack into the corporation's servers and steal those secrets before the corp can see them to fruition. NISEI is a volunteer organisation that is keeping the game alive, and they are releasing a brand new beginner friendly set called System Gateway. To celebrate this, we will be running a tournament specifically designed to get more new players playing this exquisite game.

The tournament will be 3 rounds of double sided Swiss, i.e. you'll play in all 3 rounds, and you'll play 1 corp side game and 1 runner side game each round. We'll then do a little bit of a ceremony to crown both a winner and a best new player. We'll provide preconstructed decks, so you don't need to worry about deck building, all you'll need to show up is a basic knowledge of how to play and a can-do attitude*! EDIT: These decks will be using System Update + System Gateway as our cardpool, and decklists will be public. If you wanna contribute, feel free to talk to us in #netrunner!

But wait, what if you don't have those things? Well I can't help you with the can-do attitude, but I can help you with the basic knowledge of how to play. You can always post a request for a demonstration in #netrunner on the discord and we'll generally be around and available to talk to on Thursdays, but we'll also be running a teaching session on Sunday the 11th of April to ensure that there is space for you to learn the game. And if neither of those options sound apealing, there's a handy dandy video for you to watch here!

As always, if you have any queries or concerns, feel free to @ or DM me on discord. I hope to see you there!

*"need" is a strong word here

Run by: Jamie ( ORCH1D )

Players: 13/32