Fall of the Crimson Court

Fall of the Crimson Court
Next 1.5 months Online(unless Face2Face allow)

Fall of the Crimson Court
This is a tale of evil and darkness, in a land filled with ashes and shadow sealed by the sunless, starless sky. The vest plain of Ravencraft is smoking with craters and breeding pits of the orckish armies. Insects and reptiles cover the land vow to bring destruction to the forces of light.
There stood a tower of vast obsidian might, lies the great eye of Yawgmoth, the Crimson King whose being epitomize the unmaking of the world.

“Forever stands the Crimson court!”-or so the forces of dark thought, as the destruction of the one NECKLACE banish its leader back from whence it came.

What comes next for the forces of evil?

This is a 14th level short campaign for 4-6 players for 6-8 sessions. It will be a mixture of roleplaying and combat(4:6 split). Discord and roll20 will be used. There will be a session 0 outside of the oneshot for everyone to get used to their characters and a 30 mins session beforehand for me to understand your character.

The tone of the one-shot will be primarily comedic and plays of the cartoonish villain trope to its apex and will attempt to resolves people backstory and character development.
As the great villain Malikar once said, “There’s a difference between being evil and being a jerk.”
Perhaps our vile villains may discover the true power of friendship? Perhaps they will fall into shambles as they rush to secure power?

You get to decide their fate.

Run by: Lap ( TheRealLap )

Players: 6/6