Glade of the Firebird (5th level, one/two-shot)

Glade of the Firebird (5th level, one/two-shot)
May 7th-May 20th (may be two sessions, idk) Discord/Foundry



Note: Exact time will be decided when I have enough players!

Glade of the Firebird (D&D5e)

Oracles from the modest town-stead of Charzel tell of the sudden appearance of an exceedingly rare tree somewhere within the Ancient Glade, whose wood can be fashioned into weapons that are said to slay Immortals.
Having a long history with their own dangerous Immortal, the legendary Firebird, the leadership of Charzel have made a call for any adventurer brave enough to venture the Glade in search of the tree.
They not only seek some measure of defence against the Firebird, but to deprive her of the chance to create her own weapon to fell her ancient foe, the Moonlight Devil. Such an event, the oracles fear, would leave the Firebird free to ceaselessly terrorise the local town-steads.

Character Creation

  • This game will be a mix of RP and challenging combat.

  • Create characters of 5th level

  • All Official published material is allowed

  • UA/Homebrew can be requested, but will not necessarily be accepted

  • Roll 2 sets of stats (using the command !randchar twice in #botspam) and pick the one you like

  • Select one uncommon magic item, or two common magic items to start with

  • You may start with 500 GP, which you may use to buy any gear before the game starts

  • Your character should have some reason to delve into dangerous territory on the promise of a pretty huge award in gold pieces

When you sign up to the game, I'll contact you with a link to join a Discord server where you can collaborate on your characters with other players.

Run by: Ryan ( ryan_m )

Players: 3/3