The Grand Commander Deck Swap™

The Grand Commander Deck Swap™
TBD - Likely at some point during 3rd-4th July Discord and Cockatrice

Hey, have you ever wanted to build a deck, and then see what it does in someone else's hands? Well, now's your chance! Introducing the Grand Commander Deck Swap:tm:. How it'll work is as follows: You'll first write a little bit about what kind of deck you'd like. Then, you'll be randomly assigned another person for whom you'll build a deck. Finally, you'll give that person your deck and, if all goes well, receive a deck of your own to play some games with! We'll figure out the exact details closer to the time, this is more to get an initial idea of numbers.

This event is 100% online, so no need to get physical cards for the person who you give your deck to. The dates are flexible. We'll be looking at playing games at some point during the Tabletop Extravaganza on the 3rd-4th of July and building decks in the week or so leading up to this, but this is negotiable at this point. If you have any queries or concerns feel free to @ or DM me, and I hope to see you there!

Run by: Jamie ( ORCH1D )

Players: 8/100