The Savage Tide

The Savage Tide
tbd after exams Foundry and Discord

The Savage Tide is a 12 Act adventure featured in Dungeon magazine. While it is made for 3.5e, I will be converting it into 5th edition. The entire campaign will take ~45 weekly sessions run online with Foundry and Discord.
I am looking for up to 5 players. Once signed up, message me on discord and I'll invite you to the campaign's discord server. Once there, let me know asap what times of the week you can make.

Set in Greyhawk, the campaign starts with the level 1 adventurers being hired in the port city of Sasserine by the recently orphaned noble, Lavinia Vanderboren, and it ends with level 20 heroes wandering about the Abyss with great repercussions. Players can expect combat, exploration, death, dungeons, dragons, downtime, death, romance, treasure, and intrigue.

Run by: Joshua ( Jatsmith )

Players: 5/5