Sacrosanct Seas (4-5 session mini-campaign)

Sacrosanct Seas (4-5 session mini-campaign)
TBD, for exam avoidance purposes Online (Roll20, Discord)

A group of exiles finds themselves landed in a foreign port, in a vastly unexplored archipelago with a reputation for supernatural occurrences. They must buy their freedom with a great discovery or valuable treasure, sent onto the seas with nothing but their wits (and a fully stocked galleass). No oversight, no limitations, no laws. Sail for glory and fortune! (because you don't have a choice)

Join this motley crew on their expedition into the untouched islands of the Hexed Archipelago to uncover ancient settlements, strange creatures, and other ships of exiles contending for mysterious artefacts and hefty bounties.

This is a mini-campaign starting at level 4 and ending at level 5. Plot progression will be rapid, but there will be adequate time for role-play and combat in equal parts.
Homebrew mechanics for this game include: * Ship health and ship damage, gunplay * Unique magic items and monsters * Freeform exploration * Bounties system

It can be played with a minimum of 4 players, but if there is more demand can be run for a maximum of 8. FEEL FREE TO SIGN UP WHETHER YOU'VE PLAYED WITH ME OR NOT, OR IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE OR NOT!

Run by: Oliver ( EndeDoge5 )

Players: 6/6