Best left undisturbed

Best left undisturbed
Some time past the 13th of July Discord

Dear adventurer,

It is a pleasant day in Denar, the city of the sea. Not only that, today is a momentous day, for it is the first day of the “Exposition of the Ancients” in the Museum of Denar. The new array of items displayed are all unique and mysterious in their own way, and none are as worthy of consideration as the “Pendant of the Deep”. This artifact has quite the history in Denar, as its acquisition was lauded a great discovery and kickstarted many a rumour. Some say it was found among lost ruins of a bygone civilization, others claim its worth is more spiritual than monetary and some, always in whispers and shadows, believe it to be an object of immense malevolous power.

Whatever could go wrong?

Best left undisturbed is a One-shot in which the players will have to deal with an object of massive power. You will start as employees of/visitors to the museum on the day of the inauguration. Your characters will be level 5 (subject to change) and the one-shot will be intrigue and (especially) action focused. It will occur someday past the 13th of July (Probably 14-18) and will last 3-4 hours.

Run by: Alonso

Players: 4/4