Adventuring With Pride (Tabletop Radio Bonus Stream)

Adventuring With Pride (Tabletop Radio Bonus Stream)
Saturday 24th July, 2-5pm Online

You have been invited to Isla Fortuna as guests of the Prince. But it turns out there's more to the grand casino than meets the eye! - the Adventuring with Pride book, which is currently sat on my lap.

Adventuring with Pride 2 promo image
image taken from the Adventuring with Pride 2 Kickstarter

Please read these bullet points before joining. If it is obvious that you have not, I will kick you from the event.

  • This one-shot will be streamed on our Twitch channel. You must therefore have a reasonable microphone and internet connection to take part. Ideally you will be able to be in a fairly quiet setting during the stream, but to be honest this bullet point can be summarised as "standard online RPG etiquette".
  • If you join, you are expected to be available for the full duration, and ideally you should be available slightly earlier than the start and slightly later after the end (just in case it overruns). If you join this event but find yourself unable to turn up, please leave the event with as much notice as possible so that we can find a replacement player.
  • When you join this event, message me (@finnbar#1659) on Discord. This is so I can add you to the Tabletop Radio Discord (so you can take part), and also so I can check you've read these bullet points.
  • This event is open to anyone who has some experience with D&D. The characters are level three and premade, so you do not need to worry about having lots of experience or even character ideas. If you played in Adventuring with Pride last year, please hold off from joining for at least a few days - it would be nice to have a new cast this year!

Right, got the difficult bits out of the way, let's talk about the actual game!

This is a one-shot from the Adventuring with Pride D&D 5e supplement, an incredibly queer series of adventures and other D&D content. This will be run by one of its creators, Alex Dixon - I'm just doing the logistical stuff. You may want to check out last year's stream to get a feel for the sort of thing this involves. If we are lucky, Jack and Alex will hopefully also have some exciting content from this year's sequel, Adventuring with Pride 2: Queer We Go Again!

The one-shot in question is called High Stakes, a light-hearted casino heist in which a group of three level three characters will explore Isla Fortuna and the casino that resides there for about three hours. Note that this might change to a similarly silly one-shot from Queer We Go Again - if it does, this will be communicated with the players (and in this event if it is still up), but whatever happens you'll have an excellent time.

You will be using one of the premade characters available from the supplement(s) (if those from the second supplement are ready), and there'll be a short session in which you will all choose your characters from those available and generally get to say hi to Alex. He's lovely, so it'll definitely be worth it.

If you have any further questions, let me know and I'll be happy to answer them!

Ran by: Finnbar ( finnbar )

Players: 3/3