Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Post-Prerelease!

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Post-Prerelease!
1pm-4:30pm 7th August 2021 Discord and Cockatrice

Greetings denizens! It's, once again, time to welcome in a new Magic: The Gathering set in a way that only we know how. That's right, with a "Prerelease" event that's way to late to actually be a prerelease. This time, it's Adventures in the Forgotten Realms!

For those of you who haven't joined us for one of these before, the premise is simple. Each of us buys a prerelease kit from a LGS (if you don't have one in mind to order from, you can get them from Games Den, who are based in Leamington Spa). If you cannot obtain a prerelease kit, then not to worry, there are sealed pool simulators online that you can use. Then, we all open them up, and each build decks with the cards that we open. We'll then import these cards into Cockatrice, and digitally play 3 rounds of swiss to determine who the official monarch of Adventures of the Forgotten Realms is*.

You'll need to join our Discord server in order to take part in the event, and you're also expected to follow our Code of Conduct at any of our events that you attend. If you have any queries or concerns, don't hesitate to ask. I hope to see you there!

*This title comes with nothing except the immense pride and satisfaction of winning. Good job!

Run by: Scarlett ( ORCH1D )

Players: 3/100