The Janus Cataclysm

The Janus Cataclysm
TBD - likely biweekly though discord, foundry or roll20 depending on my time.

A month ago, Janus was a minor but peaceful world on the edge of the Orion arm. Now, it's a volcanic wasteland, and every power in the galaxy is converging on it for their own reasons, whether dealing with the unfolding crises, trying to solve the mystery of why a once-verdant world is now a smoldering ball of primordial rock, or simply disaster profiteering. For whatever reason, you are a mech pilot who has found yourself caught here among these tides, among something far bigger than yourself. History is being written, and you're perfectly positioned to leave your mark in it.

Ok yes but what actually is this?
The Janus Catacylsm is a relatively freeform Lancer campaign I'll be running for the foreseeable future because I made a promise to a few people and now I'm here GM'ing once again oh god where did it all go wrong I thought I'd escaped I thought I was free. It'll have room for a degree of intrigue, as well as a focus on some of the weirder, more fantastical, elements of LANCER's setting, but also a healthy dose of giant robots fighting.

And what is LANCER?
LANCER is an RPG that dares to ask bold and forward thinking questions, such as "wouldn't tactical combat in games be greatly improved by giving players actual meaningful options both when building their character and in combat itself", "what if one of the main mech manufacturers were a group of internet shitposters", and "what if one of our books had art of someone with top surgery scars, a trans flag on their toolbox, and a space monkey?" This makes it roughly infinitely better than D&D, a system which has made attempts at maybe one of those if you're feeling charitable.

More seriously, it's an RPG about mechs and their pilots in the far future, with a focus on tactical combat, extremely customisable mech building, and simple yet versatile out of combat and downtime rules. It's not particularly difficult to pick up (especially with possibly the greatest RPG character creation tool in existence and all the player facing content is freely available. If you have any questions even vaguely related (which you probably will this description was made while I was warm and sleepy), please ask me on discord (@AceEmpress#9631))

Run by: Hannah ( AceEmpress )

Players: 4/4