Orbital Blues - "A New Crew!"

Orbital Blues - "A New Crew!"
S0: Sun 8th @ 17:00 / Sat 14th @ 14:00 Discord

This is the Rock and Roll Future of Yesteryear that never was - and nobody wanted.
It is an intergalactic age of cowboys, outlaws, and bandits playing on an interstellar stage. It is a time of hyper-capitalism and a cut-throat gig economy. Unreliable trash-heaps carry scrappy underdogs to their next gig, and corporation freighters lumber across the horizon laden with an empire’s bounty.

The backstreets of every terraformed metropolis brim with a thousand lonely hearts and a thousand more venal vendettas. The burnt-out wastelands between bright lights are lawless bat countries - anachronistic Americana languishing beneath multiple moons. Madness in every direction at every solar hour.

These are the music-fuelled, moon-age daydreams of a rebel space age.

These are your ORBITAL BLUES.

Welcome to what I am hoping to be a fun, action-filled campaign of space cowboy shenanigans. We’ll run a session zero to define some setting truths as well as go over any expectations from the game and any themes to avoid. The best part will be creating said space cowboys, assembling the crew, and building the starship!

We already have 3 outlaws revving their proverbial warp drives and looking for a 4th to join the crew!

The system is new and you can find information regarding it on its Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/soulmuppet/orbital-blues

See you around Space Cowboy!

(PS. Anyone reading this from Symbaroum, you are my priority right now, I really want to get that going again soon!)

Run by: Sol ( minijester1 )

Players: 1/1