Adventures in Wildemount

Adventures in Wildemount
TBD In Person (On Campus, TBD)

Adventures in Wildemount Campaign

A D&D adventure in the world of Exandria, as seen on Critical Role.

It is the year 835 PD (Post Divergence) and while the Adventures of Vox Machina have shaken the world of Exandria, yet word of this does not reach as far as the continent of Wildemount. The Empire of King Bertrand Dwendal need not get confused in Tal'Dorei's issues with dragons or Betrayer Gods, for the King has more pressing issues. Tensions rise within the city walls of Rexxentrum as the town criers speak more and more of the brewing war with the Kryn Dynasty. Though perhaps our adventures will take us away from this petty squabble to the Menagerie Coast, where the people are colourful and piracy is rampant, or to the North to the Greying Wildlands, where the denizens seek out a space in the bitter cold to survive. Who knows what mystery we'll uncover in this tumultuous land...

This campaign, while based in the world of Exandria, does not require you to have watch Critical Role. If you're a fan of the show, you may recognise places or people of the setting but this won't be a chance to replicate the show or its cast. This game will hopefully be a long term campaign aimed at those people with a roleplay focus (yes I know D&D is a game about killing monsters, shh). This campaign will touch on a variety of themes such as Mystery, Political Intrigue, War and Exploration (basically the type of stuff you see in Critical Role season 2).

A Session 0 (character creation and expectation setting) will happen sometime this week and the game will start regularly on a day that works for everyone. We'll organise through discord and play in person (room will be booked once we decide on a day). If you have any questions, message me on discord (@Dr_Natrium#9781) or here on the website. Looking forward to playing with y'all and is it Thursday yet (or whenever we decide to play)?

Run by: Anakin ( Anakin )

Players: 5/5