Hack The Pumpkin!

Hack The Pumpkin!
1pm-5pm Sunday 31st October B2.01

As the nights draw longer and the temperate autumn becomes the deep chill of winter, you stare at your computer screen, longing for your next assignment. You've been in this room for a while, and the nature of the so-called spooky season does nothing to satiate your sanity. Still, as you surround yourself in your apathy and longing for any kind of stimulation, a solitary ping comes from your workstation. At long last, something to do. You open the message, your hands trembling in anticipation of the contents, and on your discovery a single, involuntary expression comes out of your mouth:
"They want me to hack what now?"

Android: Netrunner is an asymmetric collectible card game for 2 players. If you want to learn the specifics of how to play, feel free to drop a message in #netrunner, or look for a very tall person with long, flowing blond hair at CCGs on a Thursday (or shout "oi Scarlett" really loudly, that'll work too.) At this tournament we'll have players of varying skill level, so beginners are more than welcome, but we will assume you at least know how to play the game.

This will be a 3-round swiss tournament using the standard format. The twist is that, at the start of the event, you'll be given 3 "pumpkin" cards. These'll be agendas that are 3 to advance but worth 0 points to you. However, if you manage to score them, they are removed from your deck and, more importantly, they add to your PUMPKIN SCORE™. There'll be a small treat in store for both the winner of the tournament and the player with the highest PUMPKIN SCORE™ (as well as more minor treats for those who merely gather some pumpkins), but be weary! For should a runner find one of your pumpkins, they'll be able to steal it and add it to their corp deck and have a chance to score it themselves.

The pumpkins will be proxies, so you'll need to bring spare cards and sleeves to match your prefered proxying methods. There might be additional things but Scarlett is mildly sleepy right now so they'll appear when people at her about them.

Ran by: Scarlett ( ORCH1D )

Players: 6/100