I've heard of some trouble up in Penbury... (Final Call)

I've heard of some trouble up in Penbury... (Final Call)
Fortnightly Wednesday starting 10/11/21 Discord and Roll20


D&D 5e

Harva studied their notes against the Guard's reports. It was the the fifth body found this month. Sometimes accidents happen, but Harva couldn't allow idleness now. Penbury was by no means a remarkable town, sat atop a plateau raised far above the rainforests common to the nation of faith. The town harvested rubber trees, bore a holy site, and was near a relic of the Regime, an old asylum. Serial murder and mutilation were by no means common occurrences elsewhere, yet the nature of Penbury and the crimes at hand left Harva feeling uneasy. Something awful was afoot, they could feel it. The bodies were left destroyed, often with parts missing. Harva was a paladin, sworn to Kelemvor, yet they knew that Torm'skraan's Paladin Guard could be lumbering at best and obtuse at worst. Whatever was occuring required the help of those that could act in ways the Guard could not. Adventurers invited trouble and chaos to the lands they walked, yet death and darkness loomed without it. To invite further trouble may prove fruitful.

Hello! This is the introduction to my new 5e campaign! I have 7 years experience with RPGs and 6 of those have been spent DMing, building this world I love.
I love fifth edition, but it has an issue when it comes to expectations, so here are some things to expect from my game:

  • High Roleplay: I love roleplaying and I'd like to encourage complex characters for experienced players
  • Living World: I have tried very hard to keep my world as an evolving place with "living people" where your actions have tangible consequences
  • Partial Sandbox: Though events grand and small will progress without your action, you are free to seek out your own story as a group and I will do my best to appeal to that, be it monster hunting or regime toppling

If those things appeal to you, great! In terms of characters, this campaign will be starting at level 5 and I will be permitting all official, non-licensed content, in addition to Revised Ranger and Blood Hunter. In terms of other UA and Homebrew, feel free to approach and ask me and I'll tell you my thoughts. Also, I have not read nor do I have Tasha's, so if you want to use something from that I'd like to know what it is in advance.
In terms of what I expect from you, I just ask you to be respectful and responsive.

  • All before this part was the original post and that all holds true. After talking through with the original sign ups we have organised a schedule but have unfortunately had to let go of part of the group. As such, as I'm comfortable running up to that many people, the gates are open once again for my campaign! The only things you need to know is that the sessions are Fortnightly every Wednesday, starting next week, which is a mandatory requirement and that the campaign is not particularly suitable for new players to DnD.

Hope to speak with you soon!

Weeks had passed since the order had been posted throughout the nearby area and the call was answered by a motley crew. The guard bore a grim face before Harva, they knew immediately what the report was to be. The adventurers were informed of the body, and it was now out of Harva's hands. "Guide their eyes and right their hands, My Lord."

Run by: Reylynn ( Fanged_Cutie )

Players: 2/2