RWBY UTRPG Playtesting

RWBY UTRPG Playtesting
End of Week 10 / Beginning of Week 11, tbd On Campus

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RWBYUTRPG (original work)

As some of you may know I've made my own RPG, from scratch, over the past year or so. It's finally ready to playtest, and I need help ironing out the bugs and adding clarifying features etc. (Only very basic knowledge of the show and setting is requested, but not required). The jist of it is rapid and superhuman combat mixed with character individuality, utilising a d20 system with some notable quirks.

I have a server for this that some of you will already be acquainted with. To access the game material, you will need to join it. Do this by contacting me directly or via the server. This is an opportunity first and foremost for those who have expressed prior interest, though anyone with sufficient experience with RPGs is welcome to sign up (by that I mean, has been involved in running at least one system consistently for a while - experienced, not expert!).

By helping me out and having some creative fun you will get your name on the work (if you want it to be), and generally have a good time. I'll be running it on campus and have set it provisionally for 12 players which would make 4 teams of 4 (to be set in the same game). I intend to run it by a 'show up when you'd like and play for a bit' style, as long as I can have at least 4 signups who can play for a couple of hours. Exact timing to be decided, but end of term 1.

The playtest realm will be set in Mountain Glenn, a deserted expansion near the City of Vale, where Beacon Academy is situated. Focus will be primarily combat mechanics (playtesting) but if I really like your characters they may go into the OC/NPC category of the adventure book someday!

Run by: Oliver ( EndeDoge5 )

Players: 2/12