💮 River Rising: Xianxia D&D 💮

💮 River Rising: Xianxia D&D 💮
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D&D 5e, Discord play-by-post

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River Rising: Xianxia D&D -- Disboard invite + reviews

5e · Westmarch · Avrae · PbP + a little voice · Point buy * River Rising is a xianxia campaign: a Chinese high fantasy genre where characters seek to become immortals called xian*. We use the Kara-Tur, Forgotten Realms setting, in a homebrew Shou city called Xiaojiang.

No prior knowledge of the genre required! Beginners to D&D/Avrae welcome too. :white_heart:

✦ Free magic items given + 24/7 full shop
✦ Festivals every 2 months award a lot of xp + gold to all participants
✦ Minimum XP per week of PbP game time: no "quest-lock" losses!
✦ Proficiency learning
✦ Automated PvE
✦ Chill PvP / Party vs Party: same rewards for both sides
✦ Stonks market
✦ Fishing to, uh, take part in a fish lottery... you'll see

✦ Channels active daily
✦ High XP awarded for roleplay + extra for character development
✦ Reskins of races and classes available
✦ Pretty NPCs and location art :white_heart:
✦ Comprehensive wikia for immersive lore with historic, fantastical or cultural detail

✦ Anti-clique rules for social + RP inclusion
✦ Wholesome gaming + D&D community
✦ Supportive writer + artist community
✦ Welfare team willing to lend an ear in DMs when you feel down.

✦ Well-moderated
✦ Clean formatting
✦ Functional and aesthetic colour-coded channels.
✦ Pleasant nickname colours
✦ Stable tier 2

Immortality is your end goal, yet you'll also have all these f-words in between: fishing, fighting, fun, friendship and family. Come join us in Xiaojiang, cultivator!

Run by: Devon ( hannya )

Players: 10/48