Warwick Tabletop Painting Competition 2: Squads

Warwick Tabletop Painting Competition 2: Squads
29/03/22 - 26/06/22 Everywhere

To coincide with the upcoming tournament, a second painting competition will be underway!
This time we're introducing "Themes". These are the theme of the competition that can allow you to focus on a specific part of model painting, or to encourage you towards a new project. It is worth saying that themes are completely optional.
In this Competition the theme is "Squads", be it a band of Brothers in Arms or a rag-tag band of people with no regard for their safety, the theme is a Squad of people.

In the run up to the Competition you can paint whatever model you like, be it Wargs, Borgs, RPGs or even CCGs and Larp if you can. All you need is a currently unpainted (or only primed) model and the will to paint! In terms of a competition, this is more about having fun and learning from each other, so please feel free to participate even if you don't have much confidence in your skills.
What are the core rules of the competition? The following apply to each model being painted.

  • You must paint an unpainted model. If the model is primed (even with a zenithal or coloured primer) that is okay. In the case of prepainted models (such as X-Wing or Armada) that's okay, however please paint a significant portion of the model.
  • The model must be fully painted by the end of the competition. none of the bare plastic can be showing, if it has a base that is not transparent it must be painted. (If the base is prepainted the model can be submitted but the base will be ignored)
  • The model must have at least three separate colours. All models must have a minimum of three colours on them (this includes the base).
  • The model must be a tabletop model. You're more than welcome to paint a model of any size or shape, but it cannot be something irrelevant to our hobbies.
  • The model cannot be terrain. This is to make the job of judging the models easier as terrain often requires slightly different skills and techniques.

There are two tiers to enter into, Novice and Intermediate. These will have separate categories for winning, so please don't feel discouraged if it's your first time!

  • Novice Tier - For people with little to no experience painting models whatsoever, if you're wanting to give painting a try or get around to painting that army you've had for aeons you're welcome to here. (If you have extensive experience doing physical painting, please sign up for Intermediate)
  • Intermediate Tier - For those who do have experience with painting or even do it professionally, you can put your all (or as much as you're comfortable) into a passion project.

There is a separate Discord server for logging your entries, but it will also include places for asking for advice and giving updates if you'd like to. When you sign up, please contact me on Discord. (Details at the bottom)
The Competition will be Judged by me personally, I like all kinds of things so I'm more than excited to see what you want to paint.

Officially, the Competition will start on 29/03/22 and end on 26/06/22, which is the same date as our Combat Patrol Tournament. You're free to start whenever you want after making an entry, don't feel like you're obligated to start straight away!
To make an entry:

  • Take a picture of your unpainted model with a piece of paper with your Discord Username and the current date
  • Upload it to the aforementioned server with the name of the model and what tier you'd like to enter into

The winner will receive a special place in the Newsletter and I will personally paint a model for you, just keep it within humanoid proportions.

If you would like to try paint but you have no models to paint, I personally will be happy to provide a model for you to paint! Just contact me at Fanged Cutie#1200 on Discord.

Run by: Reylynn ( Fanged_Cutie )

Players: 4/100