Murder Mystery: Fly Mafiair

Murder Mystery: Fly Mafiair
18:30-21:00 3rd, June, Friday B2.02

"The Roc's of the family invite you, our most trusted associates, to a night aboard their airship, the Kestrel. Piloted by our very own Captain Finch, the ship offers many amenities perfect for a night of revelry. We look forward to your attendance, and hope such an event will strengthen our family ties"

Hello folks, the society is hosting the first murder mystery since the long dark. The setting is a party on an airship owned by a criminal organisation known as 'The Family' within its inner circles, they've managed to remain a strong presence within the region due to vast connections that stifle the effectiveness of the Crowncity guard. The time period is a semi fantasy-style period (so that people can use the clothes we have in the LARP cupboard that the society owns). While dress up is not required, it is most certainly encouraged and there will be limited fantasy style clothing available to borrow, provided by the faction of LARP.

The story follows the Head of the family calling together a meeting aboard The Family's airship to celebrate the work done by all members and to help put members in contact with others. They are gathered in the luxurious upper quarters of the airship to converse and talk business. As no one in The Family can be trusted, all members are also confined to this room, leaving for any reason without the permission of a Roc or higher rank, will result in the member being put into confinement until the ship lands. (Obviously, if you need to leave temporarily Out Of Character you may. Please, let one of the organisers know before you do.). whilst most members there are on good terms, there are some that hold grudges, are opportunists or seek to make big moves at the event. Anything could happen, it will be a night to die for.....

When you take a slot please complete the form below. This allows us to allocate roles/characters to people before the event:

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NOTE: slots are limited, we do not have roles ready on the night for people who show up. If you have to cancel let us know as soon as possible

Ran by: Nathan ( Chilloutnitro )

Players: 8/20