Tabletop Radio - Mao

Tabletop Radio - Mao
6:00-7:30 B2.02

Hey Tabletop!
Do you like Uno, but find the rules a little... restrictive? Annoyed that you can't bend the rules when it would be just a touch inconvenient for the other players? Well, Mao might just be for you! In this year's Tabletop Radio, I'm running a 6-person game of Mao, a game where the rules are invented by the players, while they're playing!

In Mao, players are trying to get rid of their hand of cards, while simultaneously needing to infer any new rules that other players have been allowed to invent by emptying their hands. There's not much more to it, and the rules (the ones all players are allowed to know, anyway) will be immediately familiar to anyone who's played Uno.

What starts as a game of Uno, more or less, will evolve over the course of an hour into calculation, conspiracy and most likely the audience screaming at their screens as they witness my brain melt down over failing to grasp an incredibly simple rule.

So come one, come all, to play Mao, invent rules, and watch everyone else slowly lose their mind trying to figure out exactly how you've screwed up their beautiful plans this time!

Run by: Lewis ( Lewis.P )

Players: 4/6