Can the REAL Twilight Imperium 4 please stand up?

Can the REAL Twilight Imperium 4 please stand up?
10:00 - evening Sunday 26th June B2.02 or B2.04/5

An IN PERSON game of TI4 at the tabletop weekend! If you want to experience the joy and inconvenience of playing a physical copy!

Briefly, TI4 is a three to six player war/diplomacy game where each player controls a different alien faction with its own unique powers and abilities and attempts to rule the galaxy. We will also be playing with the expansion, Prophecy of Kings, which adds a bunch of cool stuff but most importantly Mech units. It generally takes 6 - 8 hours to play (and can take longer), so be prepared!

It's best with six players, though it can work reasonably well with five. Myself and two others are already in, so there are three spaces left.

If you have any questions you can send me a message here or on Discord (I'm Asaspades#4701). I'll make a group message of some sort (probably Discord) when people sign up so we can choose which aliens we'll be playing and stuff.

Ran by: Asa ( Asa )

Players: 3/3