Twilight Imperium 4 (PoK), the second one of the extravaganza

Twilight Imperium 4 (PoK), the second one of the extravaganza
10am-evening Monday 27th June B2.02-B2.04/5

Hello! I'm hoping we can play a game of TI4 PoK in the extravaganza (game set w. expansion courtesy of Asa), anyone up for it? Monday and Tuesday both work, preferably Monday but if Tuesday is better for people then that works too.

(shamelessly copy/pasting from Asa's event):
Briefly, TI4 is a three to six player war/diplomacy game where each player controls a different alien faction with its own unique powers and abilities and attempts to rule the galaxy. We will also be playing with the expansion, Prophecy of Kings, which adds a bunch of cool stuff but most importantly Mech units. It generally takes 6 - 8 hours to play (and can take longer), so be prepared!

I'm aiming for a 6 player game but I'll still run with 4 or 5. Message me on Discord when you join (Alvis1218#6447) and I'll make a group channel so we can discuss and choose factions.

Have a great day!

Run by: Alvis ( Alvis1218 )

Players: 5/5