Monster Quest

Monster Quest
tbd (preferably saturdays) Discord/Foundry

Each of you is a servant of Gronk, the orc chieftain. Having fallen into his disfavour for various acts of mayhem or incompetence, you were summoned before the great Gronk, and given a map leading to an old temple, with the command to seek it out and return with a gold and ivory drinking horn known to be somewhere within its confines. None of you were too happy to leave the security of the camp, especially after learning of your intended destination. Local rumour has is that the temple is haunted and a dangerous ranger lives in that area. And so, once out of sight, you briefly debated lying low for a few days, then returning with a good story, as Gronk frequently forgets abour orders issued while angry. Unfortunately, the few times Gronk's memory has been sharp and sobre have spelled disastrous consequences for those who fail to accomplish their assinged tasks. Reluctantly, you embarked on your great journey.

Monster Quest is a short D&D5e adventure based on the AD&D 2e adventure of the same name. Instead of playing as a righteous adventurer, you will have the choice of playing Bert the Ogre, Krosh the Orc Witch-Doctor, Glitch the Goblin, or another nefarious monster of your choice.
Sessions will be run using Discord and Foundry VTT.
I have 1 player as Ignatz the Wererat and I am looking for 2 or 3 more.
Once you're signed up, message me on discord or I will message you to invite you over to the discord server.
Dates/times are to be decided (preferably will be ~4 Saturdays).

Run by: Joshua ( Jatsmith )

Players: 1/3