Murder Mystery: A Deadly Hypothesis

Murder Mystery: A Deadly Hypothesis
24th February (Saturday week 7), 15.30 - 19.00 B2.02

larpmurder mystery

Murder Mystery

"The Grand Symposium of the National Institute for Discovery and Invention is to occur on the 24th of February 18XX. This event is open to members and trustees of the Institution as well as selected members of the public. The proceedings shall open with a presentation by the renowned Professor Andreas Dedmann, in which he promises to reveal a spectacular new drug that could revolutionise medicine forever."

Hello everyone! We're hosting another murder mystery, this time set at a meeting of a Victorian scientific institution. For those not aware, a murder mystery is a non-combat LARP focused roughly around attempting to solve a murder. Of course, some of you will be playing the murderers, and trying to get away with your crimes. While costume is not required, it is encouraged and attendees will be free to borrow any of the costume we have in the larp costume for the event.

Upon joining the event, please also join the event discord server so that you can be given your role brief. Also, please fill out the google form below so that we can allocate you a suitable role.
Discord link: here
Role Survey: here

Ran by: Matthew ( Secundus )

Players: 15/20