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Starfinder: Agents of the Outer Rim
11-5 on weekends next year, most days during Term 3 FAB

Starfinder is very similar to DnD but in space!

My first time running a Starfinder campaign, it will last till the end of next year and it will be in person in the FAB on the weekends next year, and fairly regularly during Term 3.

I would prefer people who are newish to Starfinder, and there will be homebrew.

Message "Hess" over Discord so I know your interested!

Run by: Hess

Players: 1/6

Endless Space 2: This time it's Endlesser
TBD Discord

Howdy, Endless Space 2 is a game that can be played and there are those among us who want to play it

We aren't playing competitively, this is more just for fun play. That said, we aren't here for peace, feel free to extort and execute your neighbours should you see fit.

Time is TBD, and we will be playing without the Awakening expansion.

No custom factions.

Run by: Reylynn ( Fanged_Cutie )

Players: 6/8

Tabletop Radio - Mao
6:00-7:30 B2.02

Hey Tabletop!
Do you like Uno, but find the rules a little... restrictive? Annoyed that you can't bend the rules when it would be just a touch inconvenient for the other players? Well, Mao might just be for you! In this year's Tabletop Radio, I'm running a 6-person game of Mao, a game where the rules are invented by the players, while they're playing!

In Mao, players are trying to get rid of their hand of cards, while simultaneously needing to infer any new rules that other players have been allowed to inv…

Run by: Lewis ( Lewis.P )

Players: 4/6

Oli's Summer of RPGs 2022
Second half of term 3 On Campus

rpg5ehomebrewd&d 5estar warsalienrwbyutrpgsith

D&D 5e, ALIEN, RWBYUTRPG, Force and Destiny (FFG)

Beginning rift conversion. Unredacted information below, for your eyes only. Adventurers wanted. Games Term 3 and Beyond, Starting Week 6 (possible session zeros beforehand). On Campus, days of play yet undecided


Decoded message:

"Greetings, great denizens of Tabletop. I come bearing gifts of various RPGs for all who would be available on campus in any of the weeks in the latter half of term 3, and/or beyond!"
"Since I will be graduating at the end of the summer, I wanted to run as much a…

Run by: Oliver ( EndeDoge5 )

Players: 23/50

💮 River Rising: Xianxia D&D 💮
No set time (suitable for busy / inconsistent schedules) Discord


D&D 5e, Discord play-by-post

River Rising: Xianxia D&D -- Disboard invite + reviews

5e · Westmarch · Avrae · PbP + a little voice · Point buy * River Rising is a xianxia campaign: a Chinese high fantasy genre where characters seek to become immortals called xian*. We use the Kara-Tur, Forgotten Realms setting, in a homebrew Shou city called Xiaojiang.

No prior knowledge of the genre required! Beginners to D&D/Avrae welcome too. :white_heart:

✦ Free magic items given + 24/7 full shop
✦ Festi…

Run by: Devon ( hannya )

Players: 10/48

Blood Bowl Campaign/League
Monday Wargames

warhammerwargamesblood bowl

Blood Bowl 2020

Hey, so I've spoken about this for a while now and I thought I'd finally throw up the event.

Blood Bowl is a game that combines American football and fantasy. In a league, you get to develop players and watch your team evolve through the weeks and overall it just makes the game a whole lot more fun so I kind of want to run a league.

Feel free to join if you don't quite have a team yet or are just thinking about joining, I'll probably make a spreadsheet for the campaign in a couple of weeks and decide on p…

Run by: Alex ( Alder )

Players: 6/11

Tabletopoly 2: Electric Boogaloo (ONE SPACE AVAILABLE!)
01/07/22 11:45 - 1:45 Tabletop Radio! (B2.02)

Do you like Monopoly? Do you like Tabletop? If the answer to either of these questions is ‘sorta’ then maybe you’d like Tabletopoly. It’s like Monopoly but Tabletop themed and there’s also some added wackiness like new cards. We still need a player so sign up!

Run by: Alex ( Alder )

Players: 1/1

Chess 3000: The Next Generation Deluxe (TT radio 2022)
6pm July 1st (Tabletop Radio Day 2) B2.02

entry now closed
Chess is, as we all know, a highly outdated game. And like all games, the best way to improve it is to add several more rules without thinking about it too hard. Throughout this year's tabletop radio stream, viewers will be able to donate in order to add new rules to the game, and then in this segment we will put those rules to the test.

We will hopefully play two games (possibly splitting the accumulated rules if we get enough donations), and if we have time we will finish off with a fina…

Run by: Matthew ( Secundus )

Players: 2/2

Twilight Imperium: The Pre-Sequel
TBD Discord and TTS

board gamestwilight imperium

Twilight Imperium

Twilight Imperium - PoK, Y'all know how it is

If slots are full, message me, we could go to a higher player

Run by: Reylynn ( Fanged_Cutie )

Players: 5/5