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Yu-Gi-Oh! Speed Duel: Battle City Box Draft
Thursday, October 21st 5-8pm (end time is very approximate) B2.01 (5-7pm), B2.02 (6-10pm)


Yu-Gi-Oh! Speed Duel
  • Casual Speed Duel draft using the 2020 Battle City Box.
  • There will also be the option of using the pre-con decks for a small tournament if that is preferred.
  • Will be held at CCGs with no entry cost (so no keeping what you draft).
  • Great for newer players since the cards are fairly simple, however, you should at least know the very basics of the game.
  • Full set list can be found here:
  • Sleeves will be provided so just bring a playmat.
Run by: Sam ( MrPickle )

Players: 6/8

Week 3 MTG: Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Booster Draft
6 pm -10 pm, Tuesday 19th October B2.01 Science Concourse


Magic: the Gathering

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Booster Draft

Buy-in: £10 (with prize support)

Check out the schedule for the rest of the term here.

Please note: draft is a competitive format, and is thus not suitable for people who have never played Magic: the Gathering before! If you want to learn how to play Magic, we recommend you check out our CCGs events, where someone can teach you how to play. We expect everyone attending our events to follow our code of conduct, which can be found here: https://www.warwicktabletop.c…

Run by: Henry ( hoph19 )

Players: 5/8

City of Mist: Nights of Payne Town
Saturdays 1-6 (but we can be more flexible) (starting 23/10) H0.66

rpgcity of mist

City of Mist (based on Powered By The Apocalypse)

Hello one and all! After the (surprising) success of my intro one shot and my (questionably) successful integration into the Warwick lifestyle, I've found some time to run a full campaign set in the City of Mist!. So, I've decided to run Nights of Payne Town, the full campaign arc published by Son of Oak Studios.

It is a time of turmoil in the City. The police are helpless against a new wave of crime, powered by forces they neither see nor understand. Ancient legends that were scheming in the shadows for…

Run by: nasenbaer23

Players: 3/7

We Be Goblins! (An Introduction to Pathfinder 1st Edition)
Between 12-6pm at latest. Roll20

rpgpathfinderintro to rpgs

Pathfinder 1st Edition

We Be Goblins!

This game will be run in the 1st Edition of Pathfinder. For those familiar with DnD 3.5E, this is a very similar system. For those not, the core concepts remain largely the same:

  • D20 system, the same as games such as 5E.
  • Semi-Medieval Fantasy.

Pathfinder’s 1st Edition can seem a little daunting for those viewing the rules, as its age has meant that a great deal has been added on over time. I’ll be providing some cheat sheets on action economy, and the core rules we’re focusing on. All mat…

Run by: Christopher ( Cerenarian )

Players: 4/5

Shadows of Doskvol: A Blades in the Dark Campaign

Doskvol is an old, haunted city. Ghosts roam the streets, elemental powers are being harnessed by the most reckless of scientists, and order is a distant memory. Law is whatever the highest bidder wants it to be, and gangs rule their territories like monarchs. Vices are everywhere here, from drug peddlers, to street brawls, to people gambling their savings away. But perhaps the most lucrative method of all is theft. That's where you come in.

You are one of a ragtag gang of criminals in the Victorian city o…

Run by: Lewis ( Lewis.P )

Players: 6/6

I've heard of some trouble up in Penbury...
TBD Discord

D&D 5e

Harva studied their notes against the Guard's reports. It was the the fifth body found this month. Sometimes accidents happen, but Harva couldn't allow idleness now. Penbury was by no means a remarkable town, sat atop a plateau raised far above the rainforests common to the nation of faith. The town harvested rubber trees, bore a holy site, and was near a relic of the Regime, an old asylum. Serial murder and mutilation were by no means common occurrences elsewhere, yet the nature of Penbury and the crimes…

Run by: Reylynn ( Fanged_Cutie )

Players: 6/6

Adventures in Wildemount
TBD In Person (On Campus, TBD)

Adventures in Wildemount Campaign

A D&D adventure in the world of Exandria, as seen on Critical Role.

It is the year 835 PD (Post Divergence) and while the Adventures of Vox Machina have shaken the world of Exandria, yet word of this does not reach as far as the continent of Wildemount. The Empire of King Bertrand Dwendal need not get confused in Tal'Dorei's issues with dragons or Betrayer Gods, for the King has more pressing issues. Tensions rise within the city walls of Rexxentrum as the town criers …

Run by: Anakin ( Anakin )

Players: 5/5

Fall of the Crimson Court-Take 2
1 months from first session In Person on Campus

Fall of the Crimson Court
This is a tale of evil and darkness, in a land filled with ashes and shadow sealed by the sunless, starless sky. The vest plain of Ravencraft is smoking with craters and breeding pits of the orckish armies. Insects and reptiles cover the land vow to bring destruction to the forces of light.
There stood a tower of vast obsidian might, lies the great eye of Yawgmoth, the Crimson King whose being epitomize the unmaking of the world.

“Forever stands the Crimson court!”-or so the forc…

Run by: Lap ( TheRealLap )

Players: 4/4

Adventures in Lunaria, a D&D 5e beginner campaign
TBD TBD, likely campus or nearby

Lunaria is both an archipelago and an empire. From the capital of Halsen the various islands of the realm are ruled over. Each has their own culture and economy, which are constantly under threat from their neighbours in their struggle to supply all that is needed to run such a massive empire. This is a realm where vast distances separate cultures united only by rulers and religion and many still look for a place to call home.

This is a D&D campaign intended for beginners who wish to have their first t…

Run by: Alonso

Players: 5/5

A Heist by Moonlight
Sat 16th or 23rd TBD

In the city of Doskvol, everyone’s a criminal. Corrupt police, drug peddlers, violent mobs. And, most importantly, daring thieves. People who say, “Go on, one last job” twice a week, or those who are new to the game and eager to prove themselves, or those who do it to support their families, or because it’s too easy not to, or because it’s downright good fun. The list goes on and on. And here you are. Thrust into the underworld of a Victorian-esque city teeming with spirits and ghosts, tasked with stealing…

Run by: Lewis ( Lewis.P )

Players: 8/8