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The World of Gadrei
To be determined

The world of Gadrei is far from young one and has faced many a tragedy in its lifetime. Watched over by the three Gods: the Brother of Beginning, the Sister of the Present and the One of the End; has persisted. As of late the world has seen advancements from the discovery of light stone to the advent of new forms of transport in the form of train networks which connect several of larger cities and some key local places. It while it’s past a present are known, it’s future yet to be seen.

The world of Gadrei…

Run by: Nathan ( Chilloutnitro )

Players: 2/2

Eberron campaign
16:00 09/10/19 H5.22

After some expressed interest in the setting on Saturday, I will be running a campaign set in Eberron and plan to run a session zero to work out what sort of campaign and I'd like to get some of the players' input to help tailor it. I have two potentially in mind. However, I can establish somethings already, about how I plan to run it. I want to give the players a bit of a sandbox experience, allowing their decisions to be of consequence and giving players considerable agency to effect how the session and …

Run by: Titian

Players: 8/8

Deadlands One (or two) Shot
Saturday 5th October TBD


Deadlands Reloaded

So I had fun on Saturday running through the short Wild West romp with people. I like to think the players enjoyed it too, but that seems of secondary importance really.

At some point I plan to launch into an extended Deadlands campaign with some unnecessarily epic scope. But I'm holding off on that one for the time being.

For now I'm looking to run another short, low commitment game. Starting the weekend of the 5th and taking no more than a couple of sessions. (I think. And it could only be one. Depends h…

Run by: Ciaran ( sum1 )

Players: 5/5

A Problem Called Midshore
Saturdays, 12:00 onwards S2.84


Dawn's Early Light (Custom System)

In this world of extraordinary power, in the slowly recovering Republic of America, the metropolis of Portland has disappeared from the landscape, and an anomaly has appeared from nowhere: The City of Midshore. You will be a trained guild member under contract or oath, sent by one of the many interested (concerned) factions in this world. You will be tasked with getting into Midshore, investigating and if possible getting to know the people living there. It's up to you and the faction you are related to wh…

Run by: Thomas ( shaofu )

Players: 3/3

12:00 every Saturday, commencing 05/10/2019 Social sciences cafe to meet, then Avon Building, Westwood


D&D 5E

The year is 1000, and the land of Albus prospers. Arriving atop a mighty feathered beast, five adventurers seek out a bright new future, peerless fame, and ample fortune in the prodigious city of Strelitzia.

And yet, in slumber and silence, something bleeds...

Echoes is an (unoriginally titled) 20 week/2 term campaign set in the homebrew Albus confederacy and is intended for five players, three of whom will be from a previous campaign where I (Charles, DM) was a player.

Quick Rundown:
• PHB races o…

Run by: Chudd

Players: 2/2

Their Eyes Were Watching God
18:00-22:00 Tuesdays H3.05

Behind the milling crowds and ancient streets of London, mystic powers move. Conspiracies meet and battle, angels and demons clash in cold war and wielders of magical arts twist the city to their wills. The shadows of the Smoke are deep, and many things hide within them - who better to lay such secrets bare, though, than those all-but native to such dark waters?

Their Eyes Were Watching God is an urban fantasy game focusing on espionage, investigation and mystery. Focus is placed on narrative and roleplay …

Run by: Alex ( QafianSage )

Players: 4/4