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A short hike
Saturdays during term one, roughly 12-4 Leamington spa

Dungeons and dragons 5th edition

In a decaying kingdom, a group of seasoned explorers (or as close as can be found) are needed for a noble quest to find a rare flower amidst the mountains.
I'm going to be hosting the campaign at my house in Leamington - don't worry I'm near a bus-stop.
The campaign will be aimed at players already familiar with the basics of dnd 5e.

Run by: cowsabunga

Players: 4/4

DnD 5e: Keys From the Golden Vault
Saturdays; Approx. 12:00-18:00 On Campus

rpgdnd 5emini-campaignheists

Dungeons and Dragons; 5th Edition

The silence grows heavier with each step you take down the dark, deserted corridors, lined with artifacts, skeletons and other exhibits, as you creep slowly closer towards your goal. Each looming shadow could be an approaching guard rounding the next corner, or worse, the activation of one of the more deadly security systems recently installed in the Museum.
Eventually, the soft green glow of the large gemstone that is your target comes into view. That's the easy part out of the way. Now you have to ge…

Run by: FallenOracle

Players: 5/5

F.I.S.Ts of Fury
Wednesday 6-10(ish) FAB 3.25


Since the Kickstarter of the game I was planning to run in T1 is yet to deliver (I'm not mad I promise), I'm running what I was planning to run in Term 2 in Term 1! My logic is flawless! Flawless, I say!!


F.I.S.T is a really cool and innovative RPG published by CLAYMORE (the all caps is important). Players take on the role of agents of F.I.S.T a company of paranormal mercenaries with extraordinary powers who operate in the shadows. Its' a fast-paced and fairly hi…

Run by: Ben ( nasenbaer23 )

Players: 5/5

Based on availability usually 1:30 on Friday or Saturday Online (discord)

DnD 5e

Recently some players dropped out of a long-term campaign I've been running that started recently:

For as long as anyone can remember the humanoid races have been restricted to a particular area of the world called Lonark. All known Cities and civilizations are centered around one giant body of water. Around Lonark lies a vast wasteland where monsters roam, but in those wastelands there is said to be forgotten knowledge and powerful tools.

It is a standard homebrew setting using all official sourcebooks an…

Run by: ALEX ( ajgg02 )

Players: 2/2

TftYP: White Plume Mountain
Saturdays 12:00-18:00/20:00 On Campus (Rooms Vary)

rpgd&ddungeon crawld&d5emini-campaign

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

White Plume Mountain has always been a subject of superstitious awe to the neighbouring villagers. People still travel many miles to gaze upon this natural wonder, though few will approach it closely, as it is reputed to be the haunt of various demons and devils. The occasional disappearance of those who stray too close to the Plume reinforces this belief.
Thirteen hundred years ago, the wizard Keraptis was searching for a suitable haven where he could indulge his eccentricities without fear of interferen…

Run by: FallenOracle

Players: 4/4

Twilight Imperium: The Jammening

board gametwilight imperium

Twilight Imperium (4th Edition) (+PoK?)

Heya! I'm hoping to run a Twilight Imperium game, especially aimed at newer players and players who haven't been able to play in a long time. Regular 6 players 10VP. Briefly, TI4 is a three to six player war/diplomacy game where each player controls a different alien faction with its own unique powers and abilities and attempts to rule the galaxy. We will either choose factions beforehand and randomly take positions around the board, or use Milty draft, an effective drafting method.

We will also decide on …

Run by: Alvis ( Alvis1218 )

Players: 5/5

And That Makes Fifteen...
13:00-19:00 each Sunday Discord and Roll20 (Online)

and that makes fifteen... Madam Apalm set down the quill. War in the continent has created a great deal of stress for the Republic of Kavones; and this has been eagerly mirrored by the Ravening Hordes of its neighbour Vigny. The Vigny war machine has skirmished on borders for some time now but as the political climate begins to heat it is inevitable that they will be imbued with a desire to participate. Whilst a tactically inferior foe what they lack in coordination they certainly make up for in... enthus…

Run by: Reylynn ( Fanged_Cutie )

Players: 17/17