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Sacrosanct Seas (4-5 session mini-campaign)
TBD, for exam avoidance purposes Online (Roll20, Discord)

A group of exiles finds themselves landed in a foreign port, in a vastly unexplored archipelago with a reputation for supernatural occurrences. They must buy their freedom with a great discovery or valuable treasure, sent onto the seas with nothing but their wits (and a fully stocked galleass). No oversight, no limitations, no laws. Sail for glory and fortune! (because you don't have a choice)

Join this motley crew on their expedition into the untouched islands of the Hexed Archipelago to uncover ancient s…

Run by: Oliver ( EndeDoge5 )

Players: 6/6

Tabletop Radio: Tabletopoly
26th June 21:10-23:10 Tabletop Sim


Monopoly but weird

Right, so this is the signup sheet for the tabletop radio tabletopoly. Essentially it's gonna be like regular monopoly but only with donation incentives and bonus cards so viewers can get involved with the game. If you want to sign up for this 2 hour torture session please sign up here and also dm me so we can add you to the organisers server. Please watch and donate to tabletop radio from 26th-27th June (from midday both days), UwU. (Also, please have a decent mic and stable internet, plus I would recomme…

Run by: Alex ( Wraithguard )

Players: 5/5

Twilight: 2000 - “Good luck. You’re on your own.”
Sometime this term Roll20/Discord

That was when the radio static briefly became clear. Someone on
the other end screaming that HQ was being overrun. The last order
from the top to make a break for it. Like you weren’t already. Then
that final message that hung there in the vehicle, like the worst
news in a hospital waiting room: “Good luck. You’re on your own.”


Twilight: 2000 is a roleplaying game about survival in mankind’s most desperate hour. In the year 2000 of a history that took a different tur…

Run by: Sol ( minijester1 )

Players: 5/5

The Savage Tide
tbd after exams Foundry and Discord

The Savage Tide is a 12 Act adventure featured in Dungeon magazine. While it is made for 3.5e, I will be converting it into 5th edition. The entire campaign will take ~45 weekly sessions run online with Foundry and Discord.
I am looking for up to 5 players. Once signed up, message me on discord and I'll invite you to the campaign's discord server. Once there, let me know asap what times of the week you can make.

Set in Greyhawk, the campaign starts with the level 1 adventurers being hired in the port city …

Run by: Joshua ( Jatsmith )

Players: 5/5

Symbaroum - Treasure Hunts in Davokar
Saturday 22nd 14:00 Roll20/Discord

“In the ruins of Symbaroum a dream sight revealed
a well, a cauldron, a sinkhole.
Out of its depth a blightling came sidling,
filth forged in flesh, cruelty carved in bone,
a decoction of the World Serpent’s marrow.
The blight beast ogled me hungrily
and in its burning eyes I saw the death of all.”

Welcome to Symbaroum!
...or, to be precise, welcome to the region that in ancient times was ruled by the civilization of Symbaroum – an empire that by all accounts was advanced in the areas of architecture, spir…

Run by: Sol ( minijester1 )

Players: 5/5