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Adventures in Wildemount
TBD In Person (On Campus, TBD)

Adventures in Wildemount Campaign

A D&D adventure in the world of Exandria, as seen on Critical Role.

It is the year 835 PD (Post Divergence) and while the Adventures of Vox Machina have shaken the world of Exandria, yet word of this does not reach as far as the continent of Wildemount. The Empire of King Bertrand Dwendal need not get confused in Tal'Dorei's issues with dragons or Betrayer Gods, for the King has more pressing issues. Tensions rise within the city walls of Rexxentrum as the town criers …

Run by: Anakin ( Anakin )

Players: 5/5

Fall of the Crimson Court-Take 2
1 months from first session In Person on Campus

Fall of the Crimson Court
This is a tale of evil and darkness, in a land filled with ashes and shadow sealed by the sunless, starless sky. The vest plain of Ravencraft is smoking with craters and breeding pits of the orckish armies. Insects and reptiles cover the land vow to bring destruction to the forces of light.
There stood a tower of vast obsidian might, lies the great eye of Yawgmoth, the Crimson King whose being epitomize the unmaking of the world.

“Forever stands the Crimson court!”-or so the forc…

Run by: Lap ( TheRealLap )

Players: 4/4

Adventures in Lunaria, a D&D 5e beginner campaign
TBD TBD, likely campus or nearby

Lunaria is both an archipelago and an empire. From the capital of Halsen the various islands of the realm are ruled over. Each has their own culture and economy, which are constantly under threat from their neighbours in their struggle to supply all that is needed to run such a massive empire. This is a realm where vast distances separate cultures united only by rulers and religion and many still look for a place to call home.

This is a D&D campaign intended for beginners who wish to have their first t…

Run by: Alonso

Players: 5/5

Best left undisturbed
Some time past the 13th of July Discord

Dear adventurer,

It is a pleasant day in Denar, the city of the sea. Not only that, today is a momentous day, for it is the first day of the “Exposition of the Ancients” in the Museum of Denar. The new array of items displayed are all unique and mysterious in their own way, and none are as worthy of consideration as the “Pendant of the Deep”. This artifact has quite the history in Denar, as its acquisition was lauded a great discovery and kickstarted many a rumour. Some say it was found among lost ruins of…

Run by: Alonso

Players: 4/4