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Invasion at the Observatory
12:00-18:00, 7/12/19 WA1.10

rpgd&d 5e

D&D 5E

When mages are kicked out of their various institutions for practising dangerous magic, they come to the Observatory. Here they can experiment on the forefront of magical technology to further our growth, while keeping the general public safe from their 'mistakes'. As the Meltdown Crew, it is your job to clean up when experiments go wrong.

One day in winter, the alarm is raised from the portal labs. Most likely, they've just summoned a dangerous elemental by mistake again.

This is a 12th level one-shot. We…

Run by: Callum ( soupsmith )

Players: 1/1

The World of Gadrei
To be determined

The world of Gadrei is far from young one and has faced many a tragedy in its lifetime. Watched over by the three Gods: the Brother of Beginning, the Sister of the Present and the One of the End; has persisted. As of late the world has seen advancements from the discovery of light stone to the advent of new forms of transport in the form of train networks which connect several of larger cities and some key local places. It while it’s past a present are known, it’s future yet to be seen.

The world of Gadrei…

Run by: Nathan ( Chilloutnitro )

Players: 2/2