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An isolated planet, far in the future, swarming with hostile mega-bugs. As a mech pilot, you are one of the few able to venture outside the shielded domes of terraformed land that dot the metal-rich world. You are tasked with the setup of another such safe-zone, but can you survive spending so long away from safety?

Suits is a 3 session long mini-campaign using the Lancer system. You don't need any experience with either the system or rpgs in general to join; in fact, I've never used the system either, so …

Run by: Timothy ( Lawful_Tim )

Players: 4/4

Love and War Under a Starlit Sky
TBD Online, via Discord/Foundry

Content Warnings: References to fascism and authoritarianism, as well as themes of prejudice and oppression.

First, there was the Fall.

Buried under the weight of environmental collapse, humanity desperately sought salvation amongst the stars. Ten giant colony ships were flung into the far reaches of space, tasked with finding new homes for the humankind. As natural disasters ravaged the Cradle, the planet formerly known as Earth, and its population dwindled, the captains of the Ten made a decision - all …

Run by: Jakub ( MagicalStardust )

Players: 5/5